Broderick’s Ice Cream Parlour, Port Stanley

People who live in London and St. Thomas know of Broderick’s, I’m sure! What a delightful ice cream parlour!

We were on our way from Windsor, where we had been walking the paths of the Ojibway Prairie Nature Reserve, enjoying the various butterflies and wildflower species, to Port Rowan to visit Canada’s best example of old growth Carolinian forest at Backus Woods. After driving through torrential rain along the 401, we headed south on Road 20 through Sheddon and Fingal down to Port Stanley. By then, the rain had caught up with us and it was about 4pm, so were thinking ice cream when we drove by Broderick’s. After a quick “round the block” we were back on the main drag, found parking, and made it to Broderick’s just before the heavy rain hit. What timing!

Their board was full of choices – anything one could want. Surprisingly, Laurie and I each had Key Lime Pie and Coconut Cream – and we ordered without the other knowing (scary, actually)! We sat at lovely marble-topped café tables inside while the rain came down outside. After 20 minutes the rain was down to a manageable rate and off we went dodging rain drops back to the car. Of course, we encountered the heavy rain again as we made our way eastwards to Port Rowan – a bonus, actually, as there is nothing like a great summer rain. Another great afternoon of exploring the country roads and small towns of Ontario.